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    Welcome to A&M Landscaping!
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Thinking of doing some work around house? You’re in the right place! Look through the website and get in touch when you’re ready to schedule a FREE estimate right on the spot! There are no projects too big or too small for us!




This is the time when the snow melts away and we need to clean our yards from dead leaves, needles and fallen branches. Late spring is also a good time for planting and getting our flower beds back into shape, as well as taking care of a lawn.

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In the summer time we all want to get the most out of our yards.  BBQs, parties, playing with kids – we all have different interests, but everyone agrees on one:  a yard that’s well taken care of puts you in a better mood and keeps you motivated.

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In the fall most of plants are getting ready to fall asleep for the winter.  We have lots of yard waste that needs to be cleaned up,  some of the flowers need to be cut back, and lawns are fertilized so they look better come spring time.

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A&M doesn’t close down for the winter and we offer a number of winter services for our clients.  These services include snow plowing, shoveling, roof cleaning, driveway/walkway de-icing and also holiday light installation & decor.

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I found their flayer attached to my mailbox and decided to call, I was in the process of looking for a landscaper to do a spring cleanup and dethatching for the lawn.  A yang lady Abby answered the phone and was really nice and helpful.  Next day they stopped by to look at the property and to give me a quote.  A long story short they did a beautiful job and I spent a lot less than I expected!  I'm going to have them do all my yard work now.  I would recommend them to everybody.–Yelp review from Ben H.

I found their flyer on top of the mailbox which I wasn't too impressed about but decided to give them a call anyways since we were looking for someone to clean up our yard. They are very new to the area and just started the business down here, so they're keeping their prices as low as possible. They did a great job and were very fast. Also my wife works from home and she didn't want them around while she was working. They had no problems doing it on Sunday while we were out in the city! We highly recommend them to anyone.–YP review from an_master

I'm very pleased with the work they did.  Highly recommend them to anyone.–Mia Anderson